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What do you tell your clients if you lose data?
How do you close a deal, make a bid, or finish a contract signing if all your data is lost?
How do you recover all that info if you donít have a backup?
Can you do it in time to take care of your clients/customers?
Will you lose a deal? Will you lose money?

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Weber Consulting is pleased to announce offsite backup service updates!

We now have TWO offsite backup products, depending on your need:

Mirrorleaf - Weber Consulting Ltd. offsite backup services for individual machines and devices - Windows Linux Mac and Android
For Individual Windows, Linux, OSX, and Android devices

Back up INDIVIDUAL DEVICES for $14.99 (Mirrorleaf) or your ENTIRE FILE SHARING SERVER (classic VPN backup - price based on storage size)

Peace of mind for your sensitive, important files, and your livelihood for less than the cost of a trip to Starbucks each month.


Works on individual devices.
Performs backups similar to the way sync services work.
Allows previous versions to be recovered.
Great for people on the go, or whose computers aren't permanently in an office.
Designed for professionals in decentralized environments.
Designed for people with important data and no fileserver.
Designed for professionals who oversee/protect their own data.

It's for ANYONE who wants to back up a PC/Laptop!

Works for anyone who wants to back up a device safely for any reason.

$14.99/mo per device


Intended for use on a central computer/fileserver.

Backs up all shared organizational data.

Works on computers permanently connected to the internet.

Scheduled backup to mitigate overwrite/loss due to virus activity.

Pricing available on request, by data set size. Inexpensive and reliable.





No matter who you are, you have data you donít want to lose.

Organizations such as law offices, real estate brokerages, financial planning and mortgage companies Ė places where individual employees are decentralized and looking out for their own data, and itís not necessarily backed up or overseen by the company.

Independent contractors, consultants, sales and marketing teams, and anyone who oversees their own files/data.

Individuals who just want peace of mind for data safety.

YOUR DATA IS IMPORTANT. But whoís looking out for it?


Protects against viruses:

Viruses and ransomware can destroy data on connected backups.
Viruses can destroy data on mapped server shares.
Data corrupted by viruses (or other means) can be synced to local backups, if care is not taken.
Offsite backup with versioning prevents all copies from being affected.


Recover Older Versions by Request!

Versioning on filesystems means we can recover the last good version of a file, before disaster struck.
This includes not only viruses, but files youíve accidentally deleted recently, or files youíve saved after making large mistakes, such as deleting several paragraphs of a particularly intricate bid or contract.



Traditional hard drives can fail slowly over time, corrupting files that you donít notice are bad until itís too late.

New SSD drives, on the other hand, tend to fail all at once, rendering all of your files unrecoverable instantly.

(Both of these things are bad.)

Offsite backup ensures your data is safely stored elsewhere in a recoverable format.



Are you sure youíre backing up everything you need?
Are you sure youíre backing it up correctly?
What about ancillary directories, hidden AppData folders for Outlook, etc.?
Offsite backup can be configured so that you donít have to think about this.
Have you ever wondered ďis this backup really working right?Ē (With offsite backup, you can ASK US any time you like!)


Why not DropBox?ô Why Not Carbonite?ô

DropBox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, SugarSync, etc. are syncing services.

They are not backup services.

If you accidentally delete a file, it propagates to the cloud and it is GONE.

If a file is corrupted, or overwritten, the changes are propagated to the cloud and IT IS GONE.

If ransomware encrypts a file, it syncs changes to the cloud and IT IS GONE.

Versioning prevents this happening with offsite backup.

So, why not Carbonite?ô

Carbonite is pretty great. But it has a problem.


You have to TELL Carbonite, specifically, to back up certain system files.

If youíre just interested in pics and documents, fine, but any odd file types or proprietary software is NOT BACKED UP BY DEFAULT.

Would you rather assume the risk of worrying about whatís getting backed up, or just pick something you donít have to think about, after initial setup?
And likely for a lower cost.


You might not deal with a lot of data, and think that backing up your laptop weekly, or monthly is fine. And for you, it may be.

HOWEVER! We tend to forget, or let it slide. Whatís the last time you backed up your data? If your laptop were taken and destroyed right now, what would you lose?

You need something automatic, that you donít even have to think about. Call Today!



Fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes (hello, Hawaiian clients!) and other disasters tend to destroy backup drives, as well as your main computer.
Offsite backup ensures a copy of your important data or precious memories survives


Aside from peace of mind, we offer a few features most commercial services donít.

In the event of a catastrophic failure with huge amounts of data, we can MAIL YOU A HARD DRIVE OVERNIGHT with all your data on it, rather than you waiting for the sync to restore data.

Makes a GREAT employee perk! (ďWork with us, and weíll set you up with a backup account.Ē Free coffee is also nice.)


Offsite backup works for each individual computer. You can back up as many (or as few) as you like.

Software is installed on the individual desktop/laptop/android phone/etc. And it begins to sync in realtime almost immediately.

Syncing is almost instant. After the initial sync, which probably takes a little while if thereís data already there, files are synced to backup as soon as they are saved, as long as the device is online.

For less than $180 annually, per important device, you have an insurance policy on all your data. Data that you need to work, and data that you are responsible for.  It is insurance that your data is safe, and peace of mind that your work can continue largely uninterrupted in the event of a crash or other catastrophe.

Our Regular Services still include:

- Computer Repair and installation
- Networking, infrastructure, and digital communication and data
- Data Recovery
- Remote Support
- Offsite Backup for file servers
- Web and E-mail hosting services and web design
- Database and Software Development
- Visual FoxPro Programming (we STILL do that!)
- Support for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems (we STILL do Irix! But it's been a while.)
- Update or virtualization of computers running old equipment/systems
- Firewalls, gateways, distributed networks, etc.
- HIPAA compliance, corporate policy, protocol, security, etc.
- Automotive Industry Experience (Reynolds and Reynolds/ADP integrations)
- VoiP Systems and other telephone and telephony-system  devices

- System Sales, Setup, and Data Transfer
- Equipment Sales and Replacement
- Print/Fax/Scan Systems

- Much, much more.  Weber Consulting has been proudly fixing our clients computer, network, and technology problems, quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively since 1998.


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